Monday, December 22, 2014

22 December 1940, the Liberation of Himara by the Greek Army 

Facts: 71 years ago. Ten days and ten nights kept the battle of Himara

22/12/1940 The story of 10 Days Battles for Himara during Greek Italian War
The Greek Press in December 1940 for the Liberation of Himara

"With an unstoppable march of our army, the city of Chimaras released on December 22, 1940"

Paul Paleologos Himare sent by the newspaper "New Athenian '(24-12-1940) response to title:" Our army in Himare. The reception of moving people.

In the same tone announcing the happy event and other newspapers:

The "New Hellas" (24 December 1940): The Himare free! Was captured yesterday by our army. The Heimarriotes congratulation our soldiers.

The "Daily" (24 December 1940): "The Greek troops occupied yesterday Himare.

"Ten days and ten nights kept the battle of Himara. The Italians had fortified and used for protection of tanks, aviation, artillery and infantry. On the beach, the Italians had blocked the Strait of Papathias with successive lines of defense. The Greeks were repulsed on 15 months. They made three days and lost 370 men until you take a hill. When, on 19, was taken inside the saddle of Koutsi, the Italians of Papathias where circulated.

On 20 fell on the beach.
On 21 delivered. Kutsi and Papathia claimed 900 prisoners, 300 dead, artillery, mortars and large quantities of ammunition "armed him" the Greek army. On December 22tou, "on foot, ten hours, as indicated by the standard bearer of the Navy commander Mylos Spyromilios, the Greeks entered the city" and becoming accepted by residents furious with inspiration. "

The flagship hoisted the Greek flag and started.
new course to north. The heavy winter stopped the advance. The Italians barricaded themselves in Vlore".

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