Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Albanian PM's visit "to be good and fruitful"

BELGRADE -- Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić has said he expects the visit of Prime Minister of Albania Edi Rama on November 10 to be "good and fruitful."
"I think I protected our national interests in the best way, clearly letting everyone know that we want peace and stability in the region," Vučić told reporters in Belgrade, speaking at the seat of his Serb Progressive Party (SNS).
According to him, "Serbia's interests are protected by the decision to postpone the visit of Rama."

"We also protect the interests when we said that you cannot come and say and do what you want after incidents were caused," he said, in reference to the abandoned October 14 UEFA qualifier between Serbia and Albania.

Vučić then added that any instability in the Western Balkans disturbed Serbia the most and that many would like "to topple Serbia" by causing instability.

He said that "a majority of people responded well and understood all messages" after the stadium incident, when a drone carried a map of the so-called Greater Albania over the pitch.

The prime minister added that individuals acted in the wrong way, but that all perpetrators of subsequent incidents and attacks on businesses owned by ethnic Albanians in Serbia have been arrested.

"I am proud that all of the attackers were arrested, and they (Albanians) continue to boast about drones and flags. This is the essential difference between us and them," Vučić said.

He declined to comment on speculation about the protocol that will be in place for his Albanian counterpart's visit in November, but said Rama "did not ask to participate in a political rally in Preševo."

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