Thursday, October 16, 2014

Albania sends a letter of protest to Serbia 

Albania has sent a letter of protest to Serbia, after what happened during the match. They ask Serbian authorities to apologize for what happened in Belgrade. The letter of protest was handed to the Serbian ambassador in Tirana Miroljub Zaric, who was summoned by the Foreign Ministry to give an explanation. In an official press release the Ministry says: "We firmly reject the political offense by leaders of Serbia against the Albanian people and state."
"Statements of Serbian officials contradict the most basic ethics of diplomatic relations and reciprocity of conduct, self-restraint and respect between sovereign states", the press release reads.

"We invite Serbia's leaders to show maturity condemning acts that occurred before, during the match Serbia-Albania, the blocking in the Belgrade airport of Albanian journalists and entrepreneurs accompanying the national team, burning the Albanian flag in the stadium, calls to kill Albanians and pathological violence exerted on the Albanian national team athletes. Albania is not responsible for the fact that the past can weigh on the conscience of government officials.

Albania as a NATO member and EU candidate, faithfully follows the policy of cooperation, good neighborliness and democratic stability in the region", it says.

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