Thursday, August 28, 2014

Summit for Balkan in Berlin
 Summit for Balkan in Berlin
Summit for Balkan in Berlin All countries of the region gathered today in Berlin to establish a new milestone regarding their relations with the EU.

Our reporter in Berlin, Muhamed Veliu, says that this new and important chapter has been organized through the Balkan Conference under the care of the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel.

The Conference will have economic and diplomatic discussions and a meeting of Merkel with the seven Prime Ministers of Western Balkans.

The EU president, Manuel Barroso, is also part of the meeting between Merkel and Western Balkan Prime Ministers.

Merkel has underlined the need to intensify the cooperation between the EU and the region.

“There are many things that can be done together. For this we need to intensify the relations between our countries”, Merkel declared, valuing the fact that Balkan lives in peace today, after the wars of the past.

There will be a press release with 18 points after the meeting, held by the Chancellor, President Barroso and Prime Minister Rama.

This important event started with the meeting of Economic Development ministers and representatives of the EU, for seeing the opportunity of advancing the infrastructure projects, the most important of which is the Blue Corridor that starts in Croatia and ends in Greece, including the projects in energy and railway transportation.

Before the meeting of the Foreign Ministers, the Chief of German Diploamcy, Steinmeier, declared that “this conference underlines the fact that Germany is being involved with higher dedication for the entire region. It proves our confirmation for the European perspective and that of all Western Balkan countries.

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