Friday, August 29, 2014

All Presidential decrees rejected
All Presidential decrees rejected
All Presidential decrees rejected Both the rejection of all Presidential decrees and the boycott of the opposition were no surprise at the Commission of Laws.

What attracted attention was the preparation of the majority MPs to argue that their stance was based only on the Constitution and regulation, and that it was not political, since the opposition accused the decision of anti-constitutional. This claim was rejected by the Chairman of the Commission of Laws.

“Article 32 says it very clear. The permanent commissions meet even before the session”, Xhafaj declared.

The majroity says that this means that the rejection of the President’s decrees is valid, and to show that this is not a political stance, they argued that the President has not found any constitutional problem for returning the laws.

Socialist Party MP, Armand Subashi: “The President’s reasons for rejecting the laws do not stand”.

The Chairman of the Commission of Laws compared two different stances held by the Prseident, one that finds anti-constitutional his legal obligation to appoint the vice chairman of the High Council of Justice, and one of the members elected by the Parliament.

Xhafaj referred to a declaration of the President, two years ago, mentioned on Top Channel’s program “Top Story”.

“The tradition has always been that the vice chairman of institutions should come from the Parliament, for balance. In 2012 the President shared the same opinion with what we are doing today with the law, and which is the real constitutional spirit”, Xhafaj declared.

One of the rejected decrees was the one that required a review of the territorial reform, an occasion for the former Chairman of the Commission, Bashkim Fino, to make an open accusation against the President.

“The president cannot have 24 heads of communes from the Democratic Party and tell them what documents they should prepare for the Constitutional Court”, Fino declared.

The majority did the same thing at the Commission of Security, in which they rejected the law that returned the Police Law. These decisions will be finalized this Monday.

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