Thursday, August 28, 2014

Army Helicopter blocked in Dukagjin, Northern Albania

Helicopter blocked in Dukagjin
Helicopter blocked in Dukagjin A police helicopter has been blocked on the ground in the Megulla village, Pult commune, Dukagjin district.

The helicopter was shot during the second day of the anti-cannabis operation, and the pilot was able to land it on the ground. Now it is being guarded by the Special Forces, until it will be removed.

After removing 90.000 plants of cannabis in Pult, the police has moved to the Temal commune, a very deep mountainous area.

Police has also seized automatic weapons and ammunition in the Brucaj village of the same commune, together with 5 kilograms of marijuana.

The authorities arrested Leke Thani, resident of the Plan village in the Pult commune. He is suspected of having shot the police helicopter on 22 August 2014, and of cultivating the parcels.

Cannabis plantations destroyed in Gjirokaster

The Gjirokaster police has destroyed 300 plants of cannabis in the Kraha village, Tepelena, and arrested four people as cultivators.

Three citizens are being prosecuted for opposing the police during the operation, Demo Shehu, Faik Qata and Hasan Ajdini, and after police found cannabis inside their vegetable plantations.

Three women of this village are also being prosecuted for trying to stop the police from making the arrest.

The Lezhe police is looking for citizen Nikolle Uksani, after finding 167 plants of cannabis at his property.

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