Friday, July 25, 2014

Pappas: "Destructive to the Greeks of Northern Epirus, the new administrative division promoted by the Albanian Government"

Christos Pappas Statement for the Greek Foreign Minister Venizelos, from the prison for Himara Issue.......

Once again the inertia (actually the lack of) of the Greek Government in the field of foreign policy, has devastating effects on Hellenism abroad.

Coalition government gave its approval in order for Albania to become a candidate for EU country without having first resolved the issues concerning the Greeks of Northern Epirus and without safeguarding their rights. In fact it was a gift to the Albanians, once approved unconditionally.
Now, Albania, "retaliates" with the familiar way of the generosity of the Greek Government and proceeds in a move that equals disaster for the Greek Community of Northern Epirus. Specifically, the Government of the neighboring country lodged in Albanian Parliament plan for the administrative division of the country under which the Voreioepirotiks Municipalities joined by Muslim areas and consequently altered the identity and population composition of Greek regions.

According to the unhistorical and vicious this project, which is going to come to a vote on 31 July, the unconquered in Himara will be united with purely Albanian municipality Vranisht, who also has no geographical proximity to the villages of Himara, as it is in other side of the mountains. Furthermore, we change the limits recognized minority provinces in the area of Saranda, so some villages included in other non-minority municipalities inhabited by fanatical Muslim Chams.

It is obvious that for Albania friendly relations with Greece crossing the de-Hellenization of Northern Epirus and the satisfaction of irredentist aspirations of Chams! Only sleeping and inactive state of the Memorandum pretends that he has not realized this!

Does the responsible Minister:

From the moment that proves that the "European perspective" Albania means the end of the Northern Epirus's Hellenism, will continue the same policy of "yes to all"? Why last June did not block the accession process of Albania from the moment he had resolved leading bilateral disputes as the EEZ and the rights of our brothers in the Northern?

What steps will international and bilateral level to prevent the adoption of the plan by the Albanian parliament?

We will take steps to accept the recommendations of the Northern Epirus pooling of existing Greek (not only those who recognize Tirana, but all) communities in the area of Saranda in a municipality and those of Dropolis and Pogoniou Gjirokastra in another municipality?

It will support the mobilization of the Northern Epirus to become known in the international community as a violation of their rights?

It will finally bring institutional and effective foreign policy and will be limited to phone calls to his Albanian counterpart ended with scolded by the latter (which misery!) And are purely for domestic consumption?

Will you finally put the issue of the application of force situated International Convention Protocol of Corfu for the autonomy of Northern Epirus or let Albanians to reach grabbomg the properties in hearth of Hellenism?

Do You finally put national interests above understandings and the subordination to foreign usurers? Or would you accept a complacency equivalent to treason?

Still you will continue the good cooperation with the Albanian government as that associated with the Chams?

Athens, 07/25/2014
The questioner MP
Christos Pappas
Member of Parliament

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