Sunday, July 20, 2014

Dule pushes Himara against territorial reform
Top Channel TV 19/07/2014

Dule pushes Hiamra against reform
Vangjel Dule and Vasil Bollano visited Himara to oppose the variant for unifying the Himara Municipality with Vranisht and Lukova.

In the meetings with the interest groups, Dule and Bollano spoke in Greek. But more than imposing the variant proposed by Vangjel Dule, the leader of the United for Human Right Party, and Bollano, from the Omonia, who refused the unification of Vranisht with Himara and Lukova, the meeting also reflected other differences.

Some of the members have opposed the unification with Lukova, while others were in favor. They connected the unification with economic and religious elements, since both areas are Christian, while Vranisht is mostly Muslim.

The UHRP leader declared that Himara cannot unite with Vranisht. “Some in Himara say there is no Greek minority. For me and many others who respect the international conventions, where everyone is allowed to express his identity, Himara has a historic Greek minority”, Dule declared.

For Dule, the unification of Vranisht with Himara has only electoral purposes. “    The creation of the new administration has only one goal, and that is electoral. They believe that through this plan they will be able to keep hostage the local authority of Himara. This cannot happen”, Dule declared.

The Omonia leader warned an escalation of the stances.

“We will escalate our stances even in the parliamentary cooperation, even with measures that are not object of Dule or Bollano, but that are object of the political structures. We will take the right decisions in the right moments”, Bollano declared.

Different from Dule and Bollano, who claim the existence f a Greek minority in Himara, other Himara citizens declared that they have not become Greek just because they took a Greek passport, same as Greeks didn’t become Albanians when they went to Greece. They claimed that Himara has its own beautiful language which is not Greek.

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