Friday, July 25, 2014

Albanian nationalist historian: "Himara is not a Greek minority"
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Himara is not a Greek minority
Historian Pellumb Xhufi says that the concerns of Greece about the new territorial reform are out of place.

“Venizellos intervenes as if this was about a Greek Minority. This is the real problem. Venizellos must know, because his grandfather was Prime Minister when the accession at the League of Nations was made, and the condition was to recognize the minorities, and the minorities have been recognized. Albania presented the map where the Greek and Montenegrin minorities have been recognized. A Commission of the League of Nations arrived to evaluate the situation in terrain and Himara was not part of the Greek minority in Albania. The nationality is another thing, and Himara is an Albanian community, according to the documents of the Himara citizens, and they are even noted citizens for the battles of the Albanian people for freedom”, Xhufi says.

The President of the Albanian Diplomatic Academy, Lisen Bashkurti, says that the diplomacy of every country has the duty to show interest on the minorities in order to guarantee their duties, but this is not the case.

“This is not about the treatment of rights and freedoms of minorities, which are consolidated by Constitution and law in Albania, and recognized by the international factor as such. The Greek diplomacy has almost turned into a precedent to confuse the limits and basic rights with the internal matters and reforms that will be taken frequently during our integration path. This is an intervention in the internal affairs of Albania. The government, the majority and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have held a very rights stance regarding the constitutional rights. The government, the majority and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have kept a very right stance regarding the constitutional rights of the government for the reforms, which have been mandated by the Albanian citizens and which are in full respect of the European Card of human Rights and of the Convent of Human Rights of Minorities”, Bashkurti declared.

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