Thursday, June 19, 2014

Netherlands votes in favor of Albania’s candidate status

Netherlands votes in favor of Albania’s candidate status
The Albanian Prime Minister, Edi Rama, greeted the decision of Netherlands in real time during today’s Parliament session, as soon as he got the new that the Dutch Parliament decided to vote in favor of Albania’s candidate status.

The country that this December was more against a positive decision, confirmed this new position through their Foreign Minister, Frans Timmermans. He declared during the reporting of the Commission for European Matters that based on objective merits, Albania deserves the candidate status.

“Albania is still having problems with the organized crime and corruption, as underlined by Transparency International. But since December the government has taken steps that deserve a positive evaluation with our vote in favor of the status”, Timmermans declared in front of the Parliament Members.

“Prime Minister Rama attended a visit in Hague, and he has the highest compliments for the work done so far. He has undertaken important and very difficult steps to keep his promises”, Rute declared. The Head of the Dutch government answered to the questions about Albania, one of which was:

“Is there progress in Albania since December”?

“Yes, and there are numbers to prove it”.

What is the situation like in the European Union?

“The Commission and all member countries are in favor of the status. Not that I was fearing being alone, but I am also convinced that Albania deserves the status. I believe that the vote in favor of the status will be unanimous”.

Which is the trajectory towards the negotiations?

“It is a very long path and everyone is clear about this. The European Union is an organization capable of learning, and it has learned a lot from its enlargement history”.

What will the candidate status of Albania cost to the European Union?

“Nothing. The IPA funds remain in the same level. The status is just a political signal, without material consequences, based only on an objective evaluation. Albania deserves the status.”

The session about Albania concluded with a question if the candidate status will help Albania. The Dutch Foreign Minister quoted the Albanian Prime Minister during his visit in Netherlands, who promised that his government is determined to fight crime and corruption, to increase the revenues for the Albanian citizens and to give them an alternative.

“The Alternative is the European Union”, Rama had told to the Dutch Prime Minister, Mark Rute. He concluded the declaration by saying that Albania has a deep political antagonism, but everyone agrees for the European Union candidate status.

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