Thursday, June 19, 2014

Only the determination of the people of Himara, may decide for its future fate

NGO`s of Himara and Omonia organization, decide to develop a Referendum, if the Albanian government refuses their Constitutional Rights

Communist Law 7501 for the land, considered civil disobedience
for all the Himara region

The Himara Community
Seacoast Association
"Omonia" Branch Himara
HRUP Branch Himara
Republican Party Branch Himara
Association of Women of Himaras
Businessman's Association of Himarians
Intellectuals Association of Himara


Dhermi, dated today, 19/06/2014, in the presence of a Himaras Civil Society groups and some political representation, call:

1. The Albanian Government and the Parliamentary Commission for the Territorial Division, to take into account the right of the people of Himara, to decide the unit of the Municipality of Himara with Lukove municipality.

2. The Announce of the Civil Disobedience, for the law approved by the Albanian Parliament in 1991 under Nr; 7501 for "The Distribution for Using of the agricultural land". The people of Himara, recognizes only properties inherited from grandparents based on Article 41 of the Albanian Constitution.

3. If  The Albanian Authorities will not be taken into consideration, the demand by the Albanian Constitution, the rights of the people of Himara to express his willingness to join with Lukovo, then the people of Himara, will decide the future through into a Referendum.

V.O. At the meeting, participants were representatives of the Swedish University of Gothenburg, who had shown interest to become acquainted with the Himara Region.

Dhermi, Himara 06/19/2014

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