Monday, June 16, 2014

Government against traffickers, gunfight in Lazarat

Government against traffickers, gunfight in Lazarat
The Police has advanced in Lazarat, while a group of persons have fired bullets against them.

After an extensive fire exchange at 14:00, the gunshots have increased while masked people with guns have appeared in the village, controlling the movements and vehicles.

Police listed 27 names that are led by Gate Mahmutaj, people who are firing against the police. Police armored cars and RENEA forces are advancing door to door, taking the situation under control.

The situation in Lazarat is tense, and shots are heard everywhere. According to the General Directory of Police, there are 500 forces in this operation for eliminating the narcotics that has just been planted there.

The Police announcement says that this group of people has been firing against the police, using even heavy weapons.

The police has published the list of the other people who have fired against the police officers.

One of these people has a criminal past. He was arrested by RENEA, sentenced by the Court but then pardoned by the President.

The Police structures are cooperating with the Prosecution. They have also requested help from the local government, and appealed the Lazarat residents to keep distance from this group of people, and give their contribution for catching them.

The General Police Directory says that the General Chief of Police has engaged all operational structures. There are 500 police officers on terrain who have surrounded the area. The Police declaration says that the state police is determined to realize their mission and to liberate the people of Lazarat from this group of criminals.

Battle against traffickers

Village under the terror of drug traffickers. Women and children evacuated. Negotiations fail. Top Channel’s crew enters the village. Journalist Kristina Fidhi and camera operator Ervis Balla witnessed the fire exchange.

The journalist says that the village was empty, while women and children were rushing to leave their homes. On the roads there were burned vehicles, including one of the A1 Report television.

Police has taken some of the depots used by the drug traffickers, while huge quantities of cannabis are being burned probably by traffickers themselves.

“It was an alarming and chaotic situation. Young people with masks and guns threatened the driver of the A1 Report when he tried to enter Lazarat”, declared journalist Kristina Fidhi.

“Both parties are in fighting positions. Police is waiting for the residents to hand over the guns, but they don’t seem to be willing to do so”, the journalist declared.

Tahiri: No one will help you if you fire against the police

While Lazarat is in a tense situation, the Minister of Interior, Saimir Tahiri, appeared in front of the cameras with the Albanian elite police, saying that the government has declared war to the mafia and crime.

Tahiri showed the drug and other instruments that were seized in the Fushe-Kuqe lab, and asked politicians to not be part of this crime and traffic. As for Lazarat, Tahiri threatened anyone who would fire the police that they would face the government’s force as never before.

“We are fighting the mafia and crime that in these 23 years has grown as a burden of the honest Albanian citizens, which is 99% of the population. After the police results, the least we should do is stay silent and let the law speak. When politics takes the side of crime, then I, personally, the Ministry of Interior, the State Police, the majority, the government and the Prime Minister will do everything to bring them to justice. Politics has the duty to take the side of the citizens, not that of the crime. They must support the state police and not encourage criminals. This is the only way to make all Albanians equal in front of the law. We are fighting against the representatives of the crime world, who should be today behind bars. But they are not, because they are corrupted judges, as criminal as these people, who have freed the criminals that the police is facing today. We will never stop. Justice has a proce and everyone will pay its price, may it be from the past, the present or the future. I appeal the people who have raised guns against the police that they have made a bad calculation. There is no God on earth who can help them if they go against the State Police. Throw your weapons now and let the police do their job, or the force of the law will act as never before”, the Interior Minister declared.

Rama: Why the Democratic Party is staying silent?

The Albanian Prime Minister, Edi Rama, asked the Democratic Party if they support the government’s police operation in Lazarat.

“Why the Democratic Party is not saying if they support the state police in Laarat”, Rama asked.

Police: Those who fired against the police must appear at the Precinct

The State Police has invited everyone who claim they were not present in the attack against the Police to appear at the closest police precinct.

“The Police has supported the residents of Lazarat, dividing them from the criminal part. The police has cooperated with the head of the local government in Lazarat, allowing him to negotiate with these people, but not only he didn’t convince them, but allowed them to flee the building surrounded by the police.”

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