Monday, November 11, 2013

Tirana: Opposition's protest for Korce

Opposition's protest for Korce
Same as warned, the opposition started their protest against what they consider the bought votes in Korce,

The protest gathered hundreds of citizens and young members of the Democratic Party. This is the first protest of the Democratic Party under the leadership of Lulzim Basha.

Basha declared that our country needs real democracy and not the bought votes of the political mafia and economic gangsters. Basha declared that the vote purchase model in Korce was not an isolated case of the majority, but a scenario that had been used even in the June 23rd elections.

The recount of votes in some districts, according to Basha, showed that Rama and Meta had manipulated votes by deforming the citizens’ result.

The opposition leader accused Rama and Meta of destroying the state administration by turning the state police into a militant structure, with the only goal to have a free way for buying votes in the next elections, and aiming to stay in power through deceit and dirty money.

Basha also referred to the government’s silence for the chemical weapons from Syria, saying that the opposition is hiding their head in the sand.

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