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Fugitives have not been in Albania
26/07/2013 19:55

Fugitives have not been in Albania
After the recent events in Greece, where three Albanians who escaped from prison were killed during a firefight with the police, the Spokesperson of the Greek Police, Christos Parthenis, tells in an interview for Top Channel about the cooperation between the Albanian police during this operation, and denies the voices that the people who escaped have been in Albania.

When asked about the safety in the border between our countries, he declared: “There’s a good cooperation between the police authorities of both countries in all levels. This allows us to believe that the safety level is satisfying. This cooperation is a product of the ood political will of both countries. Naturally, this does not mean that we don’t have crimes, but we are able to try and handle them effectively thanks to our cooperation”, Parthenis declared.

When asked about the claims of the relatives of the three people that were killed, saying that they have been in Albania on the time when the crime was committed, the Spokesperson of the Greek Police rejected these claims.

“Our investigations show that there is no evidence to prove these claims”, Parthenis declared.

Parthenis considers the cooperation between the police of oth countries as very useful, mainly on the level of information, which is based on a mutual trust.

When asked about the operation for the arrest of Ilir Kupa, one of the fugitives, Christos Parthenis explained the details of the killing of the three Albanians. He said that they were invited to surrender, but they replied with firearms.

“In this moment there is a police operation undergoing close to the Albanian borders, to identify and arrest one of the Trikalla fugitives. Allow me to underline that the Greek police works based on the rule of law, as the Greek Constitution and laws have stated. I am emphasizing this to deny the voices that are encouraged by some people, which aim only to undermine the cooperation between our two countries. I declare that even in the last two occasions when the Albanian fugitives were fatally shot, they had been warned to undergo a search and they reacted by shooting and wounding one officer. On both cases they were armed with heavy weapons, such as AK-47 and bombs. This shows the level of danger that they bring to the police officer and the citizens. Two people have lost their lives for this, a 26-year-old woman and a police officer, father of three”, Parthenis specified.

The operation for the arrest of Ilir Kupa has spread in theborder with Albania, where police suspects that he is hiding since March 23rd.

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