Sunday, May 19, 2013

Rama introduced in Vlore

Rama introduced in Vlore
Edi Rama was introduced as a candidate in Vlore, leading the list for this district. Rama commented his candidacy in Vlore with the fact that this is the capital of all Albanians.

The opening of the Socialist Party campaign in Vlore was conceived differently from the other districts. The Socialist Party candidades for this district held short speeches, and then a short film about Edi Rama’s life was shown through a big screen.

By the end of the documentary, Rama spoke about his special connection with Vlore, since his childhood. He spoke about the current situation in this district and declared that the eight years of Berisha’s government, Vlore has received less funds than Kamza, and declared that Berisha locked the Vlore sea for eight years with the moratorium of motorboats.

Rama published a comment yesterday on his blog, saying that the race in Vlore is a great challenge for him, which the Socialist Party leader promised to win not only for Vlore, but for all Albania.

For Rama, the electoral campaign in Vlore will not be easy, especially for the fact that he will carry the biggest burden, that of the electoral campaign for the Socialist Party throughout Albania.

Edmond Leka, leader of the Socialist Party in Vlorem, decalred that Rama’s candidacy in their district was welcomed.

“We have worked in every electoral campaign with 13-15 electoral centers. Now we have 45 centers in Vlore and many people are offering their promises for the June 23rd victory, because they trust on this party and their enthusiasm is bigger”, Leka declared.

“I have led many campaigns and I have been in front of many auditoriums, but today I have a very special emotion, the same feeling before an important exam. I hope it will all be good”, Rama declared for Top Channel a few hours after being introduced as a candidate in Vlore”, Rama declared.

The Socialist Party list in Vlore is led by Edi Rama, followed by Valentina Leskaj, Koco Kokedhima, Luiza Xhuvani, Fatmir Toci, Andrea Marto, Edmond Leka, Shuaip Beqiri and Mira Shehu.

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