Sunday, September 16, 2012

"SOT" Newspaper

Berisha gives Dhermi beaches concession, partners connected with his family

Implicated "The Municipality Coucil of Himara, who have approved the decision, given the concession for 25 years the assets of the people of the Himara Region

On the eve of the 100th anniversary of the independence of The Himara Region by turks, this is the biggest scandal after the destruction of Jal in 2007

Not only the Municipality Council of Himara, but Also the Mayor of the District of Vlora, Anesti Dhimojani has signed this concession

Berisha has approved a government decision dated 1 August 2013, giving as a concession company "EuroContact" with representatives Samir Mane.

Under the agreement cited by the albanian newspaper "SOT" the Company Eurocontact "concession is granted the right to exploit resources beach resort Perivolo and Dhermi, authorized the Municipality of Himara, the implementation of this project.

But in the opinion of Himara diaspora, Himara, is the point of her tragic assimilate its assets inherited from thousands of years of their fathers, being described as the biggest risk, following the corruption scandal that houses in the village of Jal in 2007, destroyed by construction police, Berisha government.

Of course, serious charges with regards the Himara Municipality, which in February, have adopted and kept secret concession Agreement to exploit the riches of the the Himara People,

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