Sunday, July 22, 2012

"Vojvodina’s rights are not diminished"

BELGRADE -- The Constitutional Court of Serbia (USS) has not expanded or reduced the rights of Vojvodina, USS President Dragiša Slijepčević has stated.
“The Constitutional Court has determined which regulations of the disputed law on the Law on Establishing Jurisdiction of Vojvodina are unconstitutional,” he pointed out.
The Constitutional Court recently declared 22 regulations of the Law on Establishing Jurisdiction of Vojvodina unconstitutional, accepted appeals of 318 non-elected judges and prosecutors and declared that appointment of then President Boris Tadić for the National Infrastructure Council president unconstitutional.

Slijepčević rejected accusations that the decisions had been deliberately made ahead of the forming of the new government, explaining that “it was impossible to even imagine what the new government will look like “ at the time when they had been prepared for voting.

He told daily Politika that it was “a little worrying that those claim to be legal experts do not respect the fact that the procedure before the Constitutional Court is not at all simple and that decisions cannot be prepared over night”.

“When it comes to Vojvodina, the decision was being made for four months and three preparatory sessions and two public debates were held before it. The decision did not determine the limitations of Vojvodina’s autonomy. The Constitutional Court did not expand or reduce the right of Vojvodina but it assessed, in accordance with the valid Constitution, whether and to what extent certain regulations of the Law on Establishing Jurisdiction of Vojvodina were unconstitutional,” he was quoted as saying.

Commenting on PM-Designate Ivica Dačić’s statement that the Constitutional Court members had been chosen by the Democratic Party (DS)-led government, Slijepčević said that “the government does not choose the Constitutional Court and has no jurisdiction over it”.

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