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Albanians are armed, record import of hunting weapons
Balkan borders dilemma and properties the first effect
Having a shotgun at home seems to become a new trend for the Albanians. For self defense purposes or just for hobby, the fact is that Albanians are armed dendshëm at least during the first six months of this year. The data come from customs import ratios, but also associations of hunters and hunting weapons dealers.
A part of those who need a gun for self defense, better choose to buy a shotgun to be okay with laws that are offered on types, brands or sizes after being held on home or car.
Referring to official data from the Directorate General of Customs, during the first four months of this year, in Albania are introduced shotgun and ammunition worth 108 million. This value is twice as hunting rifles ammunition introduced during the same period a year ago. According to the data, the quantity introduced in January-April 2011 had a value of about 55 million. The increase is significant compared with the same periods in previous years.
But how do they explain this phenomenon to deal every day of hunting weapons, traders and hunters? Albert Orhanlliu has a hunting gun store and other accessories in Tirana. According to him, the recent notice an increase in sales to tip hunting weapons "shot-gun". Such weapons are usually shorter than those of common, more usable, hold up to six cartridges as well as easily enabling the shot. Part of the lovers after this type are new hunters, but also persons who are more than the game, keep it for self defense. "More recently been introduced such as the type of" shot-gun is "not commonly used as a real shotgun but kept at home or in cars from people. This tip comes from Turkey, dealing with permits as hunting weapons, but rarely used as such ", - he explains.
Lelo Alex, is secretary of the Association of Hunters of Durres. According to him, increased tearing of hunting rifles is associated with fauna extinction in many areas of the country. He wears number of weapons facilitating conditions to obtain permission to use. "Some take the self-defense, especially now that are facilitating the conditions for obtaining a permit. Previously, that have received permission should pass an exam to forestry, the partecipation in a hunting association and now there is this condition, can get anyone. From about 4 thousand shotgun that are registered in Durres, only 1 300 persons appear as part of our society ", - he explains.
Official figures, is about 100 thousand the number of hunting rifles found in the hands of professional hunters but rather to those amateurs across the country. Of these, one finds that only 10 thousand guns belonging to registered hunters in the association. Increasing the number of hunting in the country, has become a problem in the Assembly earlier this year.

"Shekulli" newspaper

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