Thursday, July 26, 2012

Panariti: Not fearing war with Serbia

Panariti: Not fearing war with Serbia

"Albanians don’t fear war, but this is not the way that we have chosen”, answered the Albanian Foreign Minister, Edmond Panariti, to the Serbian Persident, Tomislav Nikolic, about his war appeals to Kosovo.

Panariti gave these comments during the homage visit in Prekaz, where he met the representative of the Jashari family, Murat.

“There is no threat that can frighten the Albanians, but this is not the path that we can chose for the problems. The Albanians, even in war, have shown that we are a peace loving people who wants to live in peace with the neighbors, and we have never been aggressors. We want to continue with this spirit”, declared the Albanian Foreign Minister in Prekaz.

Panariti was welcomed by the Kosovo Parliament Speaker, Jakup Krasniqi, and two deputy Prime Ministers of Kosovo, Behxhet Pacolli and Slobodan Petrovic. In these meetings there were discussions about the opportunity of increasing the mutual cooperation, especially in the economic development.

As the office of Parliament Speaker Krasniqi declared, panariti has offered full support to the functionality of the administrative office in north. During the meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Pacolli they also talked about the cement fee. Pacolli explained the decision by saying that it was not against the Albanian export, but for defending the domestic market from the monopoly. 

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