Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Serbian FM sees "uncertain times" in Balkans

BELGRADE -- Serbian Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremić said on Tuesday that the Balkans is faced with uncertain times, and that Serbia's road will be full of obstacles.

Vuk Jeremić (file)
Vuk Jeremić (file)
“Uncertain times are before us in the Balkans. We have a clear objective and priorities, we know the path we want to tread, and I think that no one can deny that the road we decided to follow will be full of obstacles and uncertainties,” Jeremić said at the graduation ceremony at the Diplomatic Academy in Belgrade.
He underlined that the challenges have to be resolved “slowly, patiently, carefully and with much diplomatic skill, with a lot of energy, strength, the power of conviction, firmness of principle and clarity” so as to achieve the set goals.

Jeremić recalled that some of Serbia's most vital interests have been jeopardized, a threat few countries have experienced. However, for a small state such as Serbia it is important to negotiate with all countries in the world, he added.

“In the near future, it will be for you, your knowledge, energy and vigor to tackle the challenges of Serbia's foreign policy in a time which will see the most dynamic changes in international relations,” Jeremić said in his commencement address.

Because of the speed of changes, it is of immense importance to understand the world around us, the Serbian foreign minister said.

“In these times, small countries such as ours may be big losers or winners. Your comprehension of political trends and your reactions will to a great extent determine the future of generations to follow,” Jeremić stressed.

He recalled that many times in history the destiny of people and countries proved to be in the hands of diplomats.

Today, economic diplomacy is more important than ever, Jeremić underlined.

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