Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Albanian embassy robbed in Athens

Albanian embassy robbed in Athens
A spectacular theft has taken place in the Albanian embassy in Athens. According to the information received by Top Channel, unidentified people have entered the embassy, have robbed the ATM machines and the offices of the Consulate. 

Two ATMs were open with ignited oxygen and all internal appliances have been damaged. The ATMs had no money, because the company had removed them during the day.

It remains unknown if the robbers have taken other objects in the consulate or other safes of the embassy. The police started investigating, since the Albanian Embassy in Athens has a security system.

Although it has been robbed and attacked by nationalist extremists, the embassy had been unguarded by the Greek Police for more than one year. The Albanian state has engaged embassy employees for the security issues, but their work doesn’t seem to be very efficient. 

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