Wednesday, December 28, 2011

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The new Development Plain in Himara Region, the first effects

Mafia is interested to build on the lands of people of Himara, without property registration process

"Price: 2,100,000.00 EUR
Keywords: Dhermi, Vlora, Land for Sale, Land for Development, Investment opportunity 

Land For Sale in Vlore Vlore Albania find Vlore properties. Crespi Estates are marketing this land for sale in Albania

Admired for its virgin beaches and tranquil setting Dhermi is becoming one of Albania's most sought after locations. With a master plan now in place, precautions have been taken by the government to ensure that development of this area will not occur in a haphazard manner.

Falling within the master plan's build able area, this 2 hectare plot is located 200m from the sea front and is in an elevated position. Whilst a sizable project this is a fantastic opportunity for experienced developers."

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Χίμαιρα said...

Κυριε Μαρκο καλο ειναι εφοσον ανεβασαμε πρωτοι το αρθρο με την πωληση της συγκεκριμενης γης στο Λογαρα..να βαζετε και εναν link απο που το πηρατε.Ξερω οτι δεν ειμαστε οι μοναδικοι στο διαδικτυο που εχουν την αγγελια,αλλα εφαλτηριο για τη δικη σας αναρτηση ειμασταν εμεις.
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