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Is Socialist Party, implicated on the Census process in Albania?

Does knowledge Brussels, which finances 10 million euros, for the Census project in Albania, as the Albanian government and opposition, considers the Albanian Census, as a process that threatens the national security of the country and not a statistical record, as it has signed agreement with Tirana?

Broken the silence of the Albanian opposition, it is sabotaging implicated with Albania Census.

Following the statement of representatives of the Socialist Party to the National Security Parliamentary Group, Ilir Gjoni, said at a meeting of national security in Parliament the last December 2010..


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tirana considers as national security issues, the population count

Socialist MP, Ilir Gjoni, demands from the Albanian Secret Service, that it would take measures against the ethnic groups living in the Albanian territory "Anti Albanian groups, seeking to create in Albania, a multi ethnic state"

Albania, multi-ethnic state? Here's ethnic groups, that the Parliamentary Commission for Security, has announced as anti Albanian?... There are Greeks, Montenegrins, Bulgarians, Macedonians, Serbs, Bosnians, Vlachs and gypsies.

According to the newspaper "Shekulli" the socialist MP in the Parliamentary Committee on National Security, Ilir Gjoni, has expressed his concern about anti Albanian demands of all ethnic groups living in Albania, and for this purpose is explained by calling the Albanian government.

Gjoni, has stated that it is worrisome that by a ratio of the Albanian Secret Service SHISH, that certain
ethnic groups, are seeking to proclaim Albania through counting of the population, a multi ethnic state.

However, it is appropriate to remember that, counting the population, is a European obligation of official Tirana, countries such as Kosovo and Macedonia, will develop the process, on the same date that performs and Albania.

Some days ago, the chairman of HRUP, Vangel Dule, has expressed his concern that the government of Albania, is seeking to manipulate the process of counting the population, for which he said he would not be contested in place in the most democratic self disclosure to include religion and ethnicity.

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