Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Korce Vlachs: We were declared as Greek

Korce Vlachs: We were declared as Greek
Vlach community members in Korca say that they have asked photocopies of their Census questionnaires, for proving that they have been declared as Greek. Some of them express the dissatisfaction for not receiving them.

One of the accusations made by the Red and Black Alliance is that for obliging people to declare themselves as Greek, they have been told to photocopy the declarations. But in most of the cases it has been refused by the interviewers.

Greek Consulate asks photocopy of the questionnaire

The population registration process in Korce has started with some controversies, but not yet officially verified.

The interviewers have met suspicious requests by some residents, such as a copy of the questionnaire page where the nationality is declared.

The interviewers say that some citizens have asked this photocopy for presenting it at the Greek Consulate in Korçe. Official authorities in Korce have not commented about this.

Sami Mecollari, from the INSTAT branch in Korce, says that the questionnaire has no official value if photocopied. But the fact that unauthorized structures of a foreign country are attempting to exert control on the Census, compromises the process.

The Consulate that has asked the photocopies is still led by Theodhoros Ikonomou, who declared one year ago that the Aromanian minorities were Greek, and invited them to declare themselves as such.

The other organization that has requested confirmation for the citizens’ declaration as Greek nationals has been sentenced by the Court of First Degree over violation of the Albanian graves for opening way to the homage that were to be paid over a Greek grave.

Meçollari added that the Liqenas commune, with a population of 5000 residents, mostly Macedonians, have started a normal registration process. Different to the declaration of the head of the commune, who invited residents to boycott, the process has continued normally.

INSTAT officials are expected to visit Korce for inspecting the problems that have been encountered.

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