Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Red and Black Alliance: Census abuses

Red and Black Alliance: Census abuses
The Red and Black Alliance declared that there are evidence and facts for abuses with the population registration process.

RBA declared that they are following the registration process with great concern, mentioning the case of the of Shengjergj village, in Korce, where Muslim villagers are being declared as Greek.

The Alliance also declared that many interviewers are using pencils, leaving space to abuses.

“Many citizens are photocopying the registration questionnaire for using it as a document at the Greek Consulate. Macedonian Embassy representatives have asked the Golloborda citizens to declare themselves as Macedonian. They have also asked to handpick the interviewers in these areas. Thousands of militants have been contacted to politically control this process, in exchange of job opportunities. Many of the interviewers lack of proper education for being part of this process in accordance with the parameters requested by the EU”, the declaration says.

RBA emphasizes that this registration violates the Constitution and is not based on any Albanian law.

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