Thursday, September 9, 2010

"Sandžak autonomy inevitable"

9 September 2010 | 15:23 | Source: Beta
PODGORICA -- Chief Mufti of the Islamic Community in Serbia Muamer Zukorlić said that Sandžak’s autonomy will be “an inevitable social process”.

Muamer Zukorlić (Beta archive)
Muamer Zukorlić (Beta archive)

For the sake of Serbia and Montenegro’s stability “a dialogue about it should be held in time”, Zukorlić told Podgorica-based daily Vijesti.

He explained Sandžak’s autonomy requests by stressing the need of the Bosniaks in this region to have “additional defense mechanisms” that would “recompose the status of the Bosniaks in the Balkans” with participation of the states they lived in, the EU and the international community.

The chief mufti thinks that “there must be a historical dialogue” whose “key axis would be Bosniaks and Serbs”.

He pointed out that Montenegrins “are easier to talk to” because there are “less factors that are burdening relations”.

Zukorlić stated that “the most appropriate model for Sandžak is the autonomy of South Tyrol because there is a trans-border, i.e. dual autonomy, while neither Italy nor Austria’s identity are threatened.”

“Sandžak is divided between two states and the concept of a trans-border autonomy is something that should be a platform for negotiations. Surely all peculiarities, Sandžak, Serbian and Montenegrin, should be taken into account,“ the mufti explained.

He has also stated that “none of the people who represent the need to give Sandžak a special status represent radical measures or violence“ but he also warned that “anything can be happen if some has the idea to silence those who speak about autonomy with a boot and a nightstick”.

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