Saturday, September 11, 2010

Some Association of South Albania, in order to support Dukati villagers for the property right. After Kakomea, Drimades is target by Albanian Mafia.
According to natives, the next time, residents of Kakomea, will protest with the Greek flag.

According to the newspaper "Shekulli"", in Kakomea, Lukovo region, where he built a resort village, is hit for the third time with explosives. Guards of a private company, could not stop attacks that have the protagonists of indigenous people of North epiriotes in Lukovo Municipality.

"Shekulli" newspaper underlines the fact that the guards have had no resistance. But according to the newspaper, has warned that next time, the village will protest politically with Greek flag, which can lead to a deterioration of the image of Albania, as robbers property of residents in Northern Epirus.

Meanwhile, the situation appears serious, especially in Drimades, the second largest country after Himara with Greek inhabitants, in which the Mafia helped by the state, "wants to buy everything".

An invitation has been addressed by the "The Association Ionian Coast", to coordinate all the associations ONG in Southern Albania, to support the property right of ownership of Dukati village, for the entire peninsula Karaburun.

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