Thursday, September 9, 2010

Analyst: Historical agreement with EU

9 September 2010 | 09:54 | Source: Politika
BELGRADE -- Political analyst Ivan Vejvoda told daily Politika that in being able to write a joint Kosovo resolution with the EU, Serbia has gained an important ally.

Ivan Vejvoda (FoNet)
Ivan Vejvoda (FoNet)

He said that Serbia has gained an important ally in a time when it would be getting ready to hold talks with the Kosovo Albanian leadership.

“This is maybe a historical decision. A very realistic and wise one,” he said.

Vejvoda said that he does not believe that this means that Serbia has recognized Kosovo.

“No one is asking Serbia to recognize Kosovo’s independence. This was a decision made in the best national interest of the state and enables it to turn to the future and to place itself in Europe and the world as a country that constructively approaches a realistically difficult situation,” he said.

He said that the worst thing that Serbia could do in a time of global economic crisis, when unemployment is rising and there are no new investments, is to enter a confrontation with the European Union.

“It must be said that there are links between the all-encompassing situation in which the state is in and this decision, which was a hard one, but it has opened up the possibility for this situation to improve,” he told daily Politika.

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