Friday, December 25, 2009

The solution of the Albanian political crisis, is deeper than what appears


"Korrieri " & "TEMA", Newspapers

Two major Albanian newspapers, critical of the regime of Sali Berisha, "Korrieri" and "TEMA", have published an opinion written by me, about the political crisis that has included Albania. Newspapers emphasize that the crisis that has included Albania, is dimensional and is deeper than what appears.

The analyze, includes three arguments, that risk for destabilizing the country, watching phenomena with critical eye, that Albanian governments, require long cover the agony true that Albania is experiencing today.

Author order three phenomena that are inevitable, leading the country in deep crisis with its crisis of votes free, private property crisis and the crisis of "national identity". Of the three, only the first is considered as priority by the Albanian opposition, while two others, are consequences of bad governance that Albanian politics since 1990.

The battle for free vote, protest slogan of the opposition, is the main pillar of democracy, which has led Albania in composing the two governments, protected by multinational forces, the Government of the Stability of 1991, and "government of national reconciliation" of the year 1997. In Albania, the inclusion of political crisis, is expected to exceed the government composition again by a third time ....

The private property crisis in Albania and Private Enterprise in general, have gone in international reviews. The phenomenon of property, particularly in south of the country, has forced the Greek Ambassador in Tirana to declare that, "The properties of ethnic Greeks, will go to Strasbourg" which means that Tirana should be responsible for the discrimination of the ethnic Greek community in Northern Epirus.

The issue of third and was considered difficult, is' crisis of national identity Albanians. In this prism, deliberately blocking the Albanian government and this current one, the census, in which the declared nationality and religion, Tirana could bring in a rough situation with Skopje, for which Athens can react with hard. The deadlock of civil and political rights to Northern Epirioteas in Albania, can also bring Albania blocking all its efforts in the EU.

A solution might be for this purpose, provision of dual citizenship may be soon for the Northern Epirioteas by Athens, which can bring important geopolitical developments in Albania, before than Brussels will opens the yaw for Tirana for visas.

But besides this, Albania has problems with justice and corruption in all its system, including local authorities which have grievances, but the most important is that the economic crisis, can quickly knock during 2010, as a result of Greek influence in crisis of economies of Balkan countries, including Albania.

It is very important to understand why the crisis in Albania are more serious than they appear in Appearance, consequences of which make unavoidable, bringing a new solution, as always imposed by big powers, like or not the Albanians ....


Anonymous said...

very interesting article


Anonymous said...

Stavro, all our people who make policy, want power and money. All they want to become ministers, MPs and never rises to protest their rights In NOrthern Epirus. Berisha continues to add sensitivity against the Greeks, while Papandreou government, need to react, as do the Bulgarians against Gruevski in Skopje ..

George Karamitros

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

However, Albanians are trying to expand their national borders, making the historic alliance with all empires, fascist, Eastern, Asian, Western and now NATO. This is an attempt ...


Anonymous said...

I do not believe that put Albania in NATO, is successful by the Albanians. The country is safer when democracy is threatened by leaders like Berisha, so NATO is present for any political developments that may have Albania. The conflict between the north - south in 1997, was very difficult to convince Berisha to accept NATO forces. But Berisha has given evidence that does not change.


Anonymous said...

Greece holds hostage Kosovo independence, for its national interests in North Epirus. Apparently, Athens plays a triple role with the Albanians in FYROM with Tirana and Pristina. Problems seem to be resolved with plan 2014 Greek American, perhaps, will act in a certain time referendums.


Anonymous said...

Ας δούμε τώρα, τι θα κάνει KEAD, με την επιλογή του, στην πολιτική κρίση στην Αλβανία. Δεν βλέπω φως στην άκρη του τούνελ,,, για όλους τους Έλληνες, να συμμετάσχουν ..

Στέφανος Αγ. Σαράντα

Anonymous said...

It's very interesting the way how Greece thinks that they can help solve the North Epirus issue. Which is not an issue at all. They are calling for population registration based nationality and religion. Albanians got 3 major religions and have never use it to identify their self (knowing the Albanian nature they could have had even 30 religions). In fact modern religion to Albanians means less than nothing although they respect it a lot. Albanians destroyed churches and mosques back in 1967 and it was not just a Party order. Although I do not agree with that at least it makes me think that one cannot destroy smth which identifies him. One may destroy something which he feels he does not belong to. On contrary, Greeks use to identify their self with religion! (Which is not quite clear and understandable since Christianity, is modern religion, and did not belong to ancient Greeks, descendants of whom are the today's ones). This means that every Albanian orthodox is Greek since south Albania borders Greece. I think that there is something wrong in this way of thinking! Trying to solve problems that does not exist means creating artificial ones. What's wrong? What's the point of all these nonsense stuff? And I do not agree with Igli that says that Albania is trying to expand it's borders. Look back at history mate, Albanians never did such a thing and never will and it's a fact that they never started war with their neighbors to expand their territories. Cheers everyone!

From an Albanian friend