Monday, December 14, 2009

Berisha reiterates the slogan: Mafia political left, will give the merited response

The day before, Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi, delivered a speech with the same settings: mafia that left the Italian policy, threat to democracy

My government is committed to give the answer against mafia, which damages the image of the country towards European Union integration

With these words, Prime Minister Berisha has publicly stated during the speech held in the National Assembly of the Democratic Party's commitment to fight the mafia, which according to him "every day destroys the future of this country".

"I declare publicly that this war, struggle and our efforts against the mafia has not and will have less political tendency, but there will be no vital interest and safety of Albanian citizens of his life," he said.

Berisha said that engages, that would respect freedoms and human rights, while the leader of the Greek community in Albania, was convicted for the second time, politically

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