Thursday, December 17, 2009

Albanian Company Construction, leaves Kakomea

The great pressure, the inhabitants of Nivitsa, finally stop the works of economic groups interested in Kakoma Beach

According to news from Kakomea, construction company "Riviera" has suspended works in the Gulf of Kakomese, as a result of large protests of Nivitses inhabitants, Himara Region.

The Albanian government, had given permission to Riviera Company, which began implementing a project of building tourist villages in the Gulf of Kakomese, but suspended the proceedings after the confrontation moved to alarming size explosive being used constantly to developers.

The Riviera Company, had initially claiming that he had abused on contract with Club Med, France tourist known company, while the later used a fake trial for alleged state ownership of land to residents.

The trial decision was made ridiculous false that "Albania had been occupied by Turkey before the 20th century, while Albania itself was founded in 1913. The trial was returned to "comedy" in the Albanian opinion, which showed that Kakomea History of Albania based on false evidence.

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