Thursday, December 17, 2009

Albanian political transition, risks to the stability of the country's third time

In 1991, formed by internationals "The Government Stability", while in 1997, was established "The Government of National Reconciliation", but in 2010, what government expect the Albanians?

"The boycott of the Albanian opposition, continues to be extended and the first months of 2010", then do not know! Many analysts said in the Albanian press, which does not give the prognosis, for exits from the country's political crisis.

For analyst Fatos Lubonja, Albania is experiencing a deep crisis, which could escalate with large consequences, perhaps even to put into question the sovereignty of Albania, said Lubonja. He asked one of the diplomats in Tirana mediator, why did not interfere with foreign institutions including NATO to solve the political crisis in Albania, and he just replied: "In that suggest us how to resolve the political crisis in Albania, then will be very difficult decision for Albania to accept challenges".

Meanwhile Lubonja sees no solution other than entering the Albanian opposition in Parliament. However, the last two decades have brought about early elections in Albania. In 1991, In Tirana formed the internationally "Government Stability", while in 1997 after Pyramids Collapse, was established "The Government of National Reconciliation".

In 2010, What is the next government expect the Albanians?

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