Tuesday, April 1, 2008


«Greece must be united», said Chairman of the Panhellenic Socialist Movement George Papandreou, following his meeting with Prime Minister at the Maximou. «There are pressures from allies and friends» she said. Mr. Papandreou said ready even to visit Skopje, in order to strengthen the international position of Greece, saying that the time does not lend itself to criticism.

The Chairman of the Panhellenic Socialist Movement reiterated the position of his party for a name for all uses, and made clear that they must not under any circumstances be allowed to enter the FYROM «through the back door», as there is no agreement on the name. Finally, condemned the recent provocative actions against Greece in terms of Skopje. «I would like to take this opportunity to address the skopiano people, the people of the neighbouring country, saying that any extreme acts of symbolism, as we have seen in recent days, which affect all of us, even our national symbols, such as the Flag us , are outrageous.

"I believe that I am expressing no sure they reflect the entire people of the neighboring country, we have a common future together, a common future for the Balkans, a common future of peace and stability in the region.» Noted that it was the first meeting of Foreign Minister George Papandreou to the Prime Minister by July 2006. Then, the president of PASOK had gone Megaro Maximou in order to discuss with Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis, the Greek-Turkish relations.

The Monday evening the president of PASOK had telephone contact with the ambassador of the USA in Athens Daniel Spekcharnt. Mr. Papandreou reiterated to the American ambassador the position of PASOK on the question of the name of Skopje: A complex name as a geographical designation, for all uses. * Ongoing meeting of the Governmental Commission under Prime Minister on the attitude of Greece in the NATO summit, which begins Wednesday.

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