Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Albanian opposite sends message to NATO summit in Bucharest for joint Albania to Alliance, to help albanian people to became european new member and calling for new popular demonstration in Tirana urging the Prime Minister Berisha to resigne.

Edi Rama, the Albanian opposition leader calls again for resign of Prime Minister Sali Berisha accusing the Albanian state integrity as instability under new dictator regime including the massive corruption of Albanian Army.
The socialist Party the most politic opposition of Albania particularly in Southern Albania yesterday accused in parliament again the premier Berisha linked with Albanian mafia for family his self interests.

Rama during a meeting with NATO ambassadors installed in Tirana, called for more assistance to Albania to joint to alliance.
Also Ilir Meta the leader of The Party for the Moviment and Integrity in oposition and ex Prime Minister, during a press conference stading the responsability of Prime Minister Sali Berisha for simmilar dangerous situation of the state regarding the catastrophe of Albanian State during Ciwil War of 1997 and now.

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