Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Kostas Barkas, the “Minister privileged” of Berisha and the “Fascist Champagne” of Albanian press against Himara`s Hellenic people.

Photo: The Omonia`s Minister Kostas Barkas

While, against Himara Hellenic people and the Mayor Vassilis Bollanos continues to declare the “State of War” by Albanian nationalist opinion, the Minister of “Omonia” has increased his “private assets” buying apartment in Saranda.

Paradoxes inside Omonia`s Organization. The Albanian press, publics the assets of High Superior personalities of Albanian State including Government, politic parties, member of Albanian Parliament, ecct. In center of debate was the Labor Minister, who represent the HRUP Party, as delegated by “Omonia” to represent the Greek Minority inside Albanian Government coalition.

Why is a paradox?

Kostas Barkas former General Secretary of “Omonia” (The Greek Ethnic Organization in Albania) and actually since 2005, is Minister of Labor and Social Issues, as member of Sali Berisha Cabinet, has icreased the private assets between 2006 – 2007. According to Albanian press his private assets are declared officially to by an apartment in Saranda town helping with credit privileged as member of cabinet minister. According to press his apartment in Saranda the real value of the price is about 200 thousand euro. The corruption made by albanian strategy to corrupt peronages from Greek Minority is an istrument to shut since 1913 the aspiration of Northern Epirus population to unite with mother state, Greece.

Photo: The "Leon of Himara" Pyrros Dimas

Kostas Barkas was elected as Minister in August 2005, under “mysterious circumstances” because the candidate who was proposed as ideal post was former Omonia`s Deputet Thomas Mitsos. The actual minister of Berisha Government Kostas Barkas has been General Secretary of Omonia and his life past, during Dictature regime has been doubtfully. Sources of the Albanian media said that Kostas Barkas and former head of Omonia, Jani Jani have been collaborationist of Albanian Secret Service “Sigurimi”.

Kostas Barkas is the most responsible together with former Head of Omonia, Jani Jani who “kept in silent” last 5 years the demographic changes in Saint Saranda Region between Albanians came by other regions particularly from the north, to the Greek ethnics, as old inhabitants of the region. Saranda Region was composed by Greeks with about 75% of population since 1989, when actually, the region has been changed a lot of abusive houses by communities came by the bord regions of Albania.
The responsibility became more interesting when Jani Jani on the end of Dictator Regime of Enver Hotza claimed as interpret of a book about “Chameria” from Albanian to Greek language. In This fase "Omonia" headed by Jani and Barkas never did not make counting population inside the Greek Organisation, to confront with albanian abusive estimated for the Greek Minority who lives historicly in southern albanian territor known as Nothern Epirus.

Photo: The "Great Values" of Hellenism in Himara Region.

While, against Himara Hellenic people and the Mayor Vassilis Bollanos continues to declare the “State of War” by Albanian nationalist opinion, the Minister of “Omonia” is raising his “private assets” buying apartment in Saranda.

Anyway the Albanian national strategy continues to separate the real Greeks between “dangerous Greek nationalists” and some “Official Greeks” privileged by Albanian nationalist system”. Unfortunually, Athens has been always supporter of “Albanian demagogy” as friendship between Greeks and Albanians to collaborate with segments very instrumentalized of Albanian strategy.
The privileges became “one important institution” to shut any democratic aspect and values of the Greek Ethnic Minority. The fascist Champagne against Hellenic people of Himara, wants to frighten the people proudly of Himara Region and the Mayor Vassilis Bollanos.
Now, when the albanian campagne wants to sabotage the General Counting Popullation in Albania, against Greek Ethnic Minority ussing the extremist press of the country, the attack against people of Himara must became a "strong horn", to be united....

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