Monday, April 21, 2008


Many of foreign security experts represent in Albania are seeing the "albanian nationalist campagne" against people of Himara by Albanian press as serious menaces to the greek albanian relations in future.

An Albanian teenagers group burned the Greek flag last Sunday in center of Saint Saranda, in southern Albania. The Albanian ethnic group protested against the Himara incident one week ago, when Greek inhabitants attacked the Police Himara`s Department.

“We wanted to sensible our Albanian compatriots burning the Greek flag as a show protest in center of Saint Saranda town. We are very preoccupied for the offends of our Albanian flag in Himara who called Athens to sent Greek polices to safe the Hellenic people of Himara’ and ‘Himara is Greece” they said.

Other information said for “Panorama” newspaper that the group has explored anti Albanian slogans, written near the Building of a School in center of Saranda Town. According to press, the slogans “Fuck you Albanian” and “Out Albanians from Saranda” where the indicators of the revolt.

Anyway the Police Saranda Department “has not any information” about the incident until the Albanian nationalist burned the Greek flag in center of the town Saranda.

Many of foreign security experts represent in Albania are seeing the raise of "albanian nationalist campagne" against the hellenic people represent of Himara Region by Albanian press, as serious menaces in future relations bweteen Greece and Albania, to be filled with hate to the greek leader of ethnic minority in albania Vassilis Bollanos. Some other important surces of "Omonia" said for the critic situation which must send messages to Athens to protect the Greek ethnic minority in Albania.
Saint Saranda a front of Corfu, the greek island, is the center of the "Greek Ethnic Minority residence of Albania" the town of which is populated last 10 years by thousand of Albanian came from other regions of Albania, constructing abusive houses particularly around of villigges of the region, has been inhabited historicly by greeks.

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