Friday, April 25, 2008

Balkan Security News

Not only albanian media hysteri against greek minority but also
Bulgaria Warns Macedonia over Hate Media

Bulgarian Members of the European Parliament have urged Macedonia to stop instilling hatred against its eastern neighbour.

"Bulgaria should support selflessly the Republic of Macedonia but must be clear that anti-Bulgarian campaigns aim to hinder progress in bilateral relations, and undermine Macedonia's progress towards EU membership," Nikolay Mladenov, a Bulgarian MEP with the European People's Party said.Mladenov was an author in a key European Parliament report on Macedonia's progress towards the bloc.

On Wednesday, the European Parliament voted in favour of the report which concluded that the country’s name dispute with Greece should not obstruct its European Union accession process.
But the report also urged Skopje to combat hate language against neighbouring states, such as Greece and Bulgaria."We see that certain circles in Macedonia make consistent efforts to worsen relations with Bulgaria.

We will support Macedonia's EU integration but this support will not be unconditional. Our position is in the interest of Macedonia as well," Evgeni Kirilov, an MEP with the Party of European Socialists claims.Following Greece's move to block Macedonia's invitation to join NATO because of the unresolved 'name' dispute earlier this month, some media lashed out at Athens, along with Sofia, as there was a perception Bulgaria had also tried to block Macedonia’s membership bid.

Relations between Macedonia and Bulgaria have been historically fraught with Sofia invading Macedonia in both World Wars and claiming it as part of its territory.

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