Friday, March 20, 2020

Der Standard: Grenell wants to topple Kurti to quickly implement Thaci-Vucic deal


March 20, 2020

The Journalist Adelheid Wölfl in an analysis published in the Austrian prestigious "Der Standard", wrote about the recent political situation in the country and the risk that Kosovo will be left without a Government due to the LDK's motion to overthrow Kurti and the situation created as the result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to this analysis, the US envoy for Kosovo-Serbia dialogue Richard Grenell is trying to exploit this situation.

Wolf reporter analysis says US envoy wants to oust Albin Kurti from power in order to quickly implement Thaci-Vucic deal

Speaking about Grenell's intention, the Austrian journalist also mentions the latter's meeting in Washington with LDK official Skender Hyseni.

Grenell obviously wants to overthrow the Kurti government so that he can quickly implement an agreement between Serbian President Aleksander Vucic and Kosovo President Hashim Thaci.

In this analysis, among other things, it is said that Grenell is interested in a success of Donald Trump's foreign policy ahead of the November presidential election.

But this analysis says that reaching a "historic" deal as Grenell wants is impossible with Albin Kurti as prime minister.

"Kurti would never allow an exchange of territories based on ethnic criteria as part of the deal as the lobbyists want about Trump," the analysis said.

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