Friday, August 10, 2018

"Have you no shame, you hypocrites" - Serbian FM lashes out


Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic says all those who are now saying that there can be no change of borders should be ashamed of themselves.

Dacic said he had in mind "those who knocked down our border and opened Pandora's box" - referring to the unilateral declaration of independence of Kosovo, a province of Serbia.

The minister, who was addressing a news conference in Belgrade together with Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, stressed that Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic's proposal to solve the Kosovo problem through "delimitation" represented "merely the desire to reach a compromise."

"They knocked down our border and then they remembered that 'borders can't be changed'. You opened Pandora's box, 'and that is not to be spoken about again'. Have you no shame, you hypocrites?," Dacic asked.

He added that this also applies to Macedonia, that has now, "when there's knocking down their door," remembered there can be no change of borders.

"What border are you talking about, the border between Kosovo and Serbia? And who verified that border? Those who helped Kosovo become independent now talk about no changing of borders," Dacic said.

"Everyone remembered that there can be no change of borders according to the ethnic principle," he continued, and ironically asked whether the KLA ("Kosovo Liberation Army," an armed separatist formation of Kosovo Albanians considered to be terrorist by Belgrade) was perhaps a multi-ethnic organization fighting for a multi-ethnic Kosovo.

"To those who think that we are weak when we show the desire for a compromise, I say: do not play with the nerves and the muscles of Serbia," Dacic said.

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