Saturday, June 16, 2018

The Regional Drill "ADRION LIVEX 2018" in Albania”


In the naval space of the Republic of Albania, from the Cape of Rodon to the Cape of Kavadon, hold the regional training "Adrion Livex 2018”.

In this regional exercise are participating Greece, Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia and Albania. In this context, at the Port of Durrës, yesterday arrived the effective and the ships of the participating countries in this regional exercise, which for a period of 10 days they condicted this exercise under the direction of our Naval Force.

“Adrion Cax-Livex 2018 " takes place within the framework of the ADRION Initiative, and every year, one of the countries of this Initiative takes the role of the host country by planning and directing its development. This training aimed to foster the co-operation, the mutual understanding and to increase interoperability between the Maritime Forces of the ADRION Initiative.

It planned to take place in two main phases, the first "CAX" which was developed in a computerized way at the Simulation Center as well as the second and the most important part "LIVEX", which means the development of the training in the sea

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