Friday, March 23, 2018

Albanian Oposition: MP of Socialist Group Party, Alket Hyseni was accused by a citizen from Drymades of Himara for robbery of the Greek family, prosecution to investigate


The Greek family also accuses Prime Minister Rama of having given permission to a robbed property.

March 23, 2018

Democratic Party MP, Flamur Noka, has come out today at a press conference from the headquarters of this party, urging the prosecution to investigate the SP deputy Alket Hyseni, following Mrs Irini Bua's denunciation, on the "Unsustainable" Top Channel TV, where the lady stated that Hyseni had stolen 11 thousand square meters of land in Dhermi.

"Socialist Party MP Alket Hyseni is publicly publicly accused of stoning 11,000 square meters of land on the Dwymades coast by the Bua family. Public denunciation took place on the show "Unconditioned", where Mrs. Irini Bua accuses Edi Rama's deputy of the alienation of property through forgery and theft. After buying 11 thousand square meters of land, forged documents, Alket Hyseni, passes that property to Edo Rama's friend Gon Papuli.

Where did the millions find a state employee, former customs officer Alket Hyseni? What makes it harder to rob this property is the fact that he did the transaction, at the time Edi Rama had appointed the task force leader, for the identification and registration of properties on the southern coast. There is another very serious fact in this story. When they are 24 hours from public denunciation, Ms. Irini Bua, Edi Rama, is hiding and silent, "Noka said.

The DP asks the prosecution to investigate this case and not to show selectivity.

"The Democratic Party believes this is a case for the Prosecution not to be selective and to become part of the political agenda of the party in power."

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