Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Fatos Klosi: Himariotes, can not be taken even 1 square meter of land

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Former Head of the National Security Agency of  Albania during 1997, 2004 Fatos Klosi,  has surprised the opinion public during most watched show on TV Albanian Klan "Opinion".

The report indicated during the show, for a series of land sequestrated by Attorney in the Himara Region, by the Albanian Autorities, has been the focus intervention of former NIS chief, Fatos Klosi, who reacted harshly: "These are lies,  are lies.. . can not be robbed Himariotes land, not even 1 square meter, and not for 400 Hectares .. those are lies"

But during the repetition of the show,, the day after, this intervention, was censored by the TV because its owner is in conflict of interest with the residents of Himara

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