Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Orthodox Easter in Albania, opens Territorial issues and the New population count debate


It seemed that finally the 2011 Census, conducted with EU funding, has been a sham by the Albanian Orthodox, draw strong with low numbers 6.7% of Population.

Based in this Census of 2011, it was conducted the Territorial Division reform,which brought together more municipalities dominated by Orthodoxes and Greeks, especially in the South of Albania, bringing together unjustly with Muslims of Albanian.

Easter of this year, once passed in Albania, they have shocked Albanian politicians and international observers in Tirana. With tens of thousands of Orthodox believers starting from Tirana, Korca, Vlora, Elbasan and up Drymades of Himara Region, they have filled the streets of the cities churches and centers.

Orthodox community has organized itself throughout the system, adding three metropolis in Elbasan, Fier and Durres, raising claims of believers, to organize a new Census, to correct counting of the Orthodox Church together with the respective nationalities.

While territorial division based in Census 2011, failed in whole, it has created inequality between religious communities, which were dominated by the municipal mergers involuntary, dictated for electoral interests.

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