Tuesday, May 3, 2016

EU organised crime fears after Albanian who came to UK illegally is nabbed in £1.5million coke bust

EXCLUSIVE: Brexit campaigners warn numbers of gangsters in Britain will go up as countries like Albania join European Union

By MIKE SULLIVAN, Crime Editor:  


04:40, 2 May 2016
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The Home Secretary said Albania had 'serious problems with organised crime, corruption, and sometimes even terrorism' EPA
AN Albanian refused entry to Britain six weeks ago was under arrest last night after £1.5million of cocaine was seized by cops.
The suspect, 21, was held with another Albanian when the National Crime Agency busted a drugs ring on Friday.
The arrests came as Cabinet heavyweights Theresa May and Michael Gove issued warnings about the threat to the UK from gangsters from Albania, currently bidding to join the EU.
The Sun can reveal how the 21-year-old attempted to enter Britain at Stanstead Airport, Essex, six weeks ago but was turned away.
The National Crime Agency busted the drugs ring, swooping on a handover in North West London PRESS ASSOCIATION
He is thought to have sneaked into the UK a fortnight ago with false identity documents.
The man was arrested following an investigation into an organised crime network involved in the large-scale supply of Class A drugs in London.
He was nabbed in Stanmore, North West London, where police seized 3kg of cocaine at a handover and 10kg at a nearby address.
Once cut, the high-purity cocaine would be worth around £1.5million on the streets.
One source said: “One of the two men arrested is a 21-year-old Albanian who tried to come into Britain six weeks ago but was turned back at Stanstead.
“Within a matter of a just a few weeks he was able to come into the country illegally and arrested over a big drug job.
“It begs the question over how he was able to get into the UK so soon afterwards.”

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Last week Home Secretary Theresa May – who supports staying in the EU – warned of the dangers of gangsters arriving from countries currently applying for membership of the European Union.
Mrs May said Albania, Serbia and Turkey had “poor populations and serious problems with organised crime, corruption, and sometimes even terrorism”.
She added: “We have to ask ourselves, is it really right that the EU should just continue to expand, conferring upon all new member states all the rights of membership?”
Ten per cent of European prisoners in UK jails are said to come from Albania.
And leading Brexit campaigner Michael Gove suggested the ranks of Albanian gangsters already in Britain will only expand once the country joins the EU.
Writing in the Daily Mail, Mr Gove said: “The Home Secretary knows the problem is very far from diminishing.”
The NCA confirmed two Albanian nationals were arrested on Friday night.
— PASHK Kolicaj, 21, and Ened Molla, 27, will appear at Hendon magistrates’ court this morning charged with conspiracy to supply cocaine.

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