Thursday, April 21, 2016

Berisha's strong statement in Parliament: Citizens, take up the arms! Protect your property

But the parliamentary group
of the Socialist Party, is gathered with urgency and decided to accused
arms against constitutional order, former Prime Minister Berisha ..

just Matteo Salvini in Italy, Le Pen in France and Golden Dawn in
Greece, which call for self-defense weapons, against robbers houses and
security of European citizens, but from Tirana, Sali Berisha, has made a
strong statement, in Parliament, he has urged citizens to take the
weapons to protect property and family from gangs and mafia.

Prime Minister Sali Berisha, speaking to a gang ties of the most
dangerous mafia in Albania, has discussed with the Minister of Interior,
Saimir Tahiri:

"I have a request for Albanians today! I
urge the Albanian citizens for their safety arms! To provide weapons to
defend ourselves, property, their assets because they have no

I urge the government! If you think like a
criminal organization to terrorize the opposition with your gangs, you
ensure that the opposition and citizens are willing to back.. Arm to
arms themselves as Americans. Bring justice! To give citizens the right
to bear arms! " said Berisha.

 Statement of Berisha comes at the same time when the Constitutional Court has rejected the Law of the properties, which is opposed by the President as well as the opposition parties ...

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