Sunday, March 27, 2016

Hundreds of migrants protest at closed Greece-Macedonia border

Hundreds of stranded migrants and refugees protest against the closure of the Greece-Macedonian border, demanding to be let through

By Vin Shahrestani, and AP, video source  27 Mar 2016

Several hundred refugees, migrants and activists on Sunday protested against the closure of the Greece-Macedonian border.
The stranded migrants in Idomeni were falsely informed by some self-proclaimed activists that the borders would open on Sunday morning.

Volunteers from non-governmental organisations and individual activists then told the migrants that the border remained shut and urged them not to trust the rumours.
Greece's border with Macedonia has been shut to migrants and refugees since earlier this month after a string of countries shut down what has become known as the western Balkan route, used to travel from Greece to central and northern Europe.

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