Sunday, March 13, 2016

At Least 34 People Killed After Major Explosion in Ankara

 A man stands next to a burnt out bus after a blast in Ankara on March 13, 2016

20:06 13.03.2016

An explosion that hit the center of Ankara on Sunday killed at least 34 people, 130 injured.

An explosion at a bus stop in Ankara caused at least 34 people killed and multiple wounded, according to reports.

Some 34 people were killed and 130 injured in an explosion that struck the Turkish capital on Sunday evening, the office of the mayor of Ankara confirmed.

According to reports, a bus laden with explosives blew up near a bus stop, leaving dozens of cars ablaze.

An explosion that hit the center of Ankara was a terrorist attack, which has been caused by a car bomb, the NTV broadcast reported Sunday, citing a police source.

The police have cordoned the scene of the explosion, where several ambulance cars had arrived.

The Russian embassy in Turkey has not yet received any information on whether Russian citizens have been injured in an explosion in central Ankara on Sunday, an embassy representative said.

"We have not received any information so far," the representative told RIA Novosti, adding that the embassy was checking whether any Russian citizens were injured in the blast.

Earlier in the day, a major explosion hit central Ankara, reportedly leaving multiple casualties.

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