Thursday, February 4, 2016

Archbishop Janullatos for Greek CNN: In Albania, live 22% Orthodox

Albania's Orthodox Church, reiterated accusations that do not recognize Census of 2011, which declared 6.7% of the orthodox population in Albania


Greek section of CNN International has published the second part of the interview with the archbishop of Albania Orthodox Church, his eminence Prof. Anastasios of Tirana. Asked for the demolition of the Church of St. Athanasius in Drymades.  The head of the Orthodox Church called an unpleasant episode of the intervention of the state, and spoke for property nationalized during the communist time that the church has not been returned by the Albanian state. "It is a detail not so pleasant.

The government has not yet returned church property nationalized by the communist state ", - stressed Janullatos. Clarified that there monasteries belonging to the Orthodox Church, but never returned. Explains that" what t is holy and what is not, there is a issues that may determine the government ".

 Archbishop, told CNN on Albania Greek Orthodox people are 22% of the population, a figure which according to him shows that the Orthodox are not the majority, but as a small island.

"They are a living and are active part of society", according to him. Archbishop Janullatos notes that interfaith relations should be handled very carefully in Albania and that the Church should transmit the faith in society.

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