Sunday, January 31, 2016

Gazeta Express: Kosovo Women Battalion In Islamic State

AP Photo / Militant Website


BELGRADE – The number of Kosovo women who joined the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) terrorist organization in Iraq and Syria is very disturbing, but the majority of these women were driven by their spouses to join the radical groups, Gazeta Express reports. Security experts and sociologists stated that only a few women joined ISIS independently.

Avni Islami, an expert of security issues said that the participation of Kosovo women in foreign wars is extremely worrying, and the main responsibility falls onto state institutions that have done very little or nothing at all for women in Kosovo. Even worse, women that finish their education cannot find jobs, said Islami.

“Hopeless about their future, they are supporting the brain-washers, who promise them a better future in the war zones”, he said.

Islami claims that one of the ways to stop women from joining the ISIS that state institutions, starting from the Presidency, government, municipalities and civil society, urgently provide a better life for them in Kosovo, and prevent them from taking the path towards the certain death by joining ISIS or Al-Nusra.

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