Friday, January 29, 2016

The clash of Kokedhima with Dule, raises xenophobia of Tirana in Himara Region


During a meeting with Socialist Party electorate in Vlora, the powerful MP of Socialist Party in Southern Albania, Koco Kokedhima, has accused Charmain of HRUP Vangjel Dule, for away from Government Coalition, raising new chauvinists issue in Himara Region.   

A day earlier, HRUP and Omonia, accused Kokedhima that he destroys the Greeks in Himara businesses, making ethnic cleansing to the Greek popullation.

Kokedhima: Himara is Albanian land and Greek chauvinists should know this

Koco Kokedhima accuses Vangjel Dule left for corrupt methods by coalition with the Socialist Party, and betrayed the Greek Minority.

Kokedhima: Himara there is a minority, but are we are albanians .Dule accuses us of Greek chauvinists of Himara, that have destroyed three buildings of the Greeks, when they are from Piluri, Albanian.

Kokedhima, "we will build a European Albania in Himare and develop tourism in the interest of Albanians, not to the Greek chauvinists. Greeks strongly support the Socialist Party in Minority area, but not chauvinists of Himara.

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